Why don’t I receive the group invitation?

Let's assume you signed up for SquidHub using Email address A (e.g. your work email), but one of your team members invite you to a group using Email address B (e.g. your private email). 

That's often the reason why you don't see/get the invitation you expected. 

In this case, please open the email invitation you received and check that the email address you were invited by is the same as the one you use on SquidHub. 

Please also ask if the person spelled your email address correctly. 

If you were invited with the correct (and correctly spelled) email address, you can always open SquidHub and the invitation will be shown in the blue sidebar. 

If you already have SquidHub open, you can try to refresh your browser (even though everything happens in real-time - and the invitation should appear instantly). 

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