SquidHub was designed to limit the need for navigation - and optimized for simplicity. 

From the blue side menu you have access to

  • All your groups
  • Direct messages
  • The calendar
  • Profile settings

When you select a group you'll see a top bar and a main area. 

The top bar lets you

  • Search content inside the group
  • See all members of the group (including pending members) and their online status
  • Invite new team members

The main area is split into 3 columns (or boards)

  • The todo board
  • The file and links board
  • The message board

Expand and collapse sidebar and boards
If you need more space (or are on a smaller screen) you can minimize both the sidebar and the boards. 

  • To minimize/collapse the sidebar click the SquidHub logo.
  • To collapse or expand a board click the '-' or '+'. 
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