You create new groups from the blue sidebar by clicking the plus icon next to the heading Groups

Give the group a name and select a group icon. 

You can add your organization's name as well. This label is shown below the group name in the blue sidebar. Adding the name of your organization makes it easier to differentiate between groups if you work with with and across multiple organizations. 

Tip: To make it even easier, we recommend that you order your groups in blocks such that all groups belonging to a specific organization is located next to each other. 

Inviting team members: You can invite team members while you create the group, but you don't have to. You can also start out creating the group, and then invite your team members afterwards. 

When inviting a team member, write their email address and hit 'Enter'. Add the email addresses one by one. 

You only have to type the email address the first time you add a new team member. Next time you need to collaborate with the same person, you simply start typing their name and you'll see suggestions which match name or email address. 

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