You see two options in the menu for the group settings: General and Mobile Notifications


The general settings apply to all members. These are 

  • Group name
  • Group icon
  • Organization name

If you change these, it will apply to every team member in the group. We recommend that the group owner is the person who make such changes. 

If you are a premium member, you can lock this down and control who is able to modify the group settings. 

Mobile Notifications

These are personal settings for the group. It lets you define which push notifications you want on your mobile device. You can turn push notifications on and off for each of the 3 boards. 

Note: You define the notifications per group. You may have some groups where you want to receive a push notification when something happens in all three boards - while you a push notification for new messages only for another group. That's exactly what you can do with this setup. 

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