You can assign a task to one or more of your team members. The person(s) responsible for the task will be visible directly in the todo board. If there are more than 2 assignees you can hover over the +2 icon to see who are responsible for the task. 

Assigning a todo
To assign a task open it and go to the Assign member field. A list of all team members will appear. Click on a team member to assign the person - or use the up/down keys and press Enter. 

Removing an assignee
To remove an assignee click on their profile image in the Assign member field. 

Note - how reminders work when a task is assigned: If you set a reminder, only the persons assigned to the task will be reminded about the task – through push if they have downloaded the app – otherwise the reminder will be sent in an email to the assignees. 

If you set a reminder and there's no assignee, all team members will get the reminder.

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