We are often asked what the difference between Trello and SquidHub is. 

A task manager vs. an all-in-one collaboration platform
Trello is a Kanban board - which leaves it as a pure task management platform. Therefore, it leaves you dependent on other tools for messaging, file sharing, calendars etc. 

SquidHub is also a task manager - but it comes with a team messenger, direct messages, video calls, file sharing and a calendar as well. 

Kanban vs. Todo lists
A Kanban board is basically a number of columns - where tasks are moved from one column to the next as the task progress. This is intuitive to some people, but confusing to others. 

That's the reason why SquidHub has the format of a todo list instead (something which everyone knows how to use instantly) - and you can split the todo list into sections, and thereby get the same functionality as columns in a Kanban board. 

Key differences
Beside that there are some important key differences between Trello and SquidHub:

  • Reminders: You cannot set reminders in Trello, so you manually have to follow up to see when things are due. In SquidHub you can define if you want reminders or not. 
  • Subtasks: Well, you can create checklists in Trello, but you can't set reminders or assignees on these subtasks. Subtasks in SquidHub comes with both reminders, assignees, notes and more.  
  • Attachments: In Trello you need to attach files to a specific task. But sometimes a file just isn't connected to a single task (or any task). And if you need to find the document/file, you need to know which card it was added to. In SquidHub you can upload files independently of a task (in the Files board) - and if you need to, you can of course connect the file to a task. 
  • Mobility: Kanban boards needs space - and is therefore not really easy to use on mobile apps. In fact, very few people we know of use Trello (or other Kanban products) on their mobile devices. On the other hand, tasks in SquidHub can easily be added from the iPhone and Android app - simply because of the nature of a todo list which is much more mobile friendly. Which in turn makes it easier to add, work and collaborate on tasks on the go. 
  • Video calls and messaging: Well, these are of course not present in a task manager like Trello. But they are in SquidHub (we just added video calls on top of our team messenger and direct messages). Simply because you easy and flexible communication in addition to your task manager - and having your communication (and files) available next to your tasks, just makes life easier and simpler. 

We've tried to put together a most honest and unbiased comparison of Trello and SquidHub in the table below - based on facts and features.

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