You have 4 sort options in the todo board:

  • Alphabetic 
  • Assigned to
  • Deadline
  • Newest first

Todos inside each category will be sorted based on the option you have selected. 

Sorts the todos alphabetically. 

Assigned to
All todos assigned to you will be shown at the top inside each category. 

Sorts your todos based on deadline (oldest at the top). Todos without a deadline will be listed below the todos which have a deadline. 

Newest first
Shows the newly created todos at the top. 


Filter your todos
You can use the search in combination with the sorting. The search basically works as a filter. You can type any keyword. It could e.g. be your name - and all tasks assigned to you will then be shown, while the rest of the todos will be filtered out. 

Learn more about search here:

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