How do I upload multiple documents?
You can upload multiple files directly to the SquidHub cloud.
Open the group you want the documents to be uploaded to, and simply drag and drop the files. This will upload the documents. 

Linking to documents on Office365, Dropbox and Google Drive
You can also link to documents on e.g. Office365, Dropbox and Google Drive. 

  • Copy the path to the document
  • Select Create link in SquidHub (available from the file menu)
  • Give it a title, paste the link and save it

Building links this way to documents on e.g. Office365 may sound cumbersome. However, if you compare it to how much time your team spend on navigating and searching for documents on other platforms, you'll quickly realize that it's a good idea to add links to your most important documents. 

Remember, it only has to be done once and your team will  save a lot of time. 

Why continue using Office365, Dropbox or Google Drive?
Some companies have policies which restrict their documents to be stored on internal or on-premise servers - not allowing documents to be shared in e.g. Dropbox. 

We truly understand this and is the reason why we recommend you to link to external documents in this case. Your documents will remain on your own servers, but they will be easier accessible for all team members from SquidHub. And your internal permission model in your document management system will ensure that only people who have access to the document can actually view it when following the link. 

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