Use the calendar see what's happening across all your teams. You can switch off groups you don't want to display by clicking the checkbox next to the group. 

You get all the usual stuff. 

  • Day, Week and Month view
  • Drag items to reorder
  • Click in the calendar to create a new todo or meeting
  • Edit todos and meetings
  • Complete todos
  • Filters (in the top right corner)

Google Calendar integration
To synchronize your Google Calendar with the SquidHub calendar, first click the Calendar and then the checkbox next to Google Calendar. You should then see a new tab in the browser which asks you to login to your Google Calendar.

Please note: Some users experience that their browser blocks pop-up windows. 

  • If you are using Safari you can check this by opening Settings, Security and make sure the “Block additional windows” is un-checked.
  • If you are using Chrome please check if there is a notification about the blocked popup in the address field.

How does the Google Calendar synchronization work

  • Meetings from your Google Calendar are imported every time you load or refresh SquidHub. 
  • Meetings created in SquidHub will be sync'ed to your Google Calendar.
  • Todos created in SquidHub will not be sync'ed to Google Calendar currently. We'll soon release an update which lets you sync your todos as well. 

How do I integrate to Outlook Calendar?
This integration is not yet available.

Who can see my calendar (incl. Google Calendar)
Only you. Nobody else will be able to see your calendar. 

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