Get our Premium Plan for as little as 33 cents per day
The premium plan will save you even more time than our free core plan. You'll get detailed permission control, direct support, recover delete files, duplicate projects (coming soon), Outlook integration (coming soon) and more. 

Save time looking for stuff...
You can easily justify the cost of the Premium Plan. See below and realize how little time you need to save every single day. If your...

  • Hourly wage is $25 and you can save 75 seconds/day 
  • Hourly wage is $50 and you can save 37 seconds/day
  • Hourly wage is +$100 and you can save 19 seconds/day

... then the cost is justified. You have an immediate return on investment (ROI). And you can spend your time on more valuable things than searching, switching between apps and navigation. 

Don't waste your valuable time
Try to start the clock when you search your inbox. It may be an eye-opener to realize that you quickly spend +30 seconds to find what you're looking for. How many times do you do this every day? 5 times (2,5 minute), 10 times (5 minutes)...

Then think about how many apps you switch between - and how often you do it. After you switch to another app, you probably have to navigate inside it to find what you are looking for. See? The clock starts ticking again. 

And if you push/copy data between systems even more precious time goes by unused. You may e.g. have to create a new task from an email, add an attachment to your document management system etc. 

If you sum it up: You'll quickly realize that every individual in your team easily spend more than 15 minutes every work day on "trivial stuff". 

Saving your team 50 hours/month

Let's say you have a team of 10 people. That's 2,5 hours wasted every day - or 50 hours per month! Valuable time which you could have been spent moving your project further ahead. For as little as 33 cents/day/user. 

Saving on external costs - and experience an immediate ROI
If you are working with consultants or digital agencies they probably charge you +$100 per hour. Imagine how much cheaper your project could be, if you had a common platform which allowed them to not spend time on trivial stuff. 

If you can save just 19 seconds of their time every day, you have a positive business case and an immediate ROI. 

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