This short video (1 min 39 sec) walks through the overall concepts of SquidHub.
After watching this video you have a good starting point.

We recommend that you initially create two groups:

  1. Personal todos
  2. A group for your team

Invite a few of your team members to the second group.
It's after all easier to try a new collaboration app together with a few colleagues ;) 

The task list
Play around with the todo list - and explore how it could work for you and your team. You'll quickly figure out if it fits your needs. 

Team Messenger & Direct Messages
The team messenger is straight forward. Only thing being, that you can click another team member's profile image to start a direct message. 

Also try to upload a few files by dragging them into the group.
Do also try to create a link to documents on Office365, Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Most importantly, you should try the search functionality. 

Try e.g. to search for your name, and you'll see all tasks assigned to you, all messages you have sent etc. You'll probably realize how powerful the search is. 

iPhone and Android App
Finally, we recommend that you download the app. 

Enjoy - and have a productive workday 😊

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