SquidHub is a user friendly platform for team collaboration. Available on web, iPhone and Android. This short video shows you how SquidHub works.

All your groups are available from the blue sidebar.
Inside each group you have access to your team's 

  • Shared todo list
  • File sharing
  • Team messenger

All three boards are available in a single dashboard which provides a great overview for your entire team. 

You could also explain it this way...
SquidHub is a combination of the key elements from the best todo apps, team messengers and file sharing services. Just merged into one user friendly app 🤗 

On top of the basics you have...
Direct messages, calendar incl. sync to Google Calendar and much more

What our users say...
Our users say that SquidHub 

  • Is amazing to use
  • Makes their collaboration easier
  • Dramatically improves the team dynamic
  • Has the flattest learning curve and is really ease-to-use
  • Provides a simple and fantastic overview of their project/teams

That it's just really nice to use. 

Any questions?
We are always here for you if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions. You can reach us here:

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