Basecamp vs. SquidHub
Basecamp and SquidHub are both team collaboration platforms. You can do more or less the same on both platforms - but the main difference is the ease of navigation. SquidHub is built to maximize the speed of your team collaboration.

Finding your way around Basecamp can be tricky (see below example). You quickly spend lots of time navigating between tabs and drilling down through the structure to find the information you're looking for. 

SquidHub is built around simplicity & speed. There's no navigation. You have all your teams in the blue sidebar, and inside each team you have immediate access to your team's todos, files and the team messenger. Quick and easy. 

SquidHub is built on well-known concepts - and due to the simple interface with no navigation, your team can continue progressing your project within minutes after they started using SquidHub.

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