Microsoft Teams vs. SquidHub
Microsoft Teams and SquidHub are both team collaboration platforms. You can do more or less the same on both platforms. 

If you want endless features, complexity and bells and whistles, Microsoft Teams may be the best choice. But if you want ease of navigation and to maximize the speed of your team collaboration, you might be better of with the user friendly alternative SquidHub. 

Microsoft Teams
From the example below you'll quickly realize just how much navigation and drilling down is needed in Microsoft Teams. You have a left menu - then another menu (!) - and once you have selected a team you have a bunch of tabs where you might end up having to drill down in the "More" options to find what you are looking for. 

We believe that this structure and setup is confusing and is a huge time consumer.

If you compare it to SquidHub, you have nearly no navigation. All your teams are available in the blue sidebar. And inside each team you have immediate access to your team's todos, files and the team messenger. Quick, easy and user friendly. 

SquidHub is built on well-known concepts - and due to the simple interface with no navigation, your team can continue progressing your project within minutes after they started using SquidHub.

Simplify the way you work. And maximize the speed of your team collaboration.
Try SquidHub today. 

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