It's with bleeding heart that we see how enterprises work. To see how work is performed in a sub-optimal way - and that it could be done better and cheaper without affecting security or confidentiality. It literally just hurts our hearts 💔

So what are the concerns?
Let's address the confidentiality concerns and kill them right away. 

  • If your documents are stored on-premise (e.g. SharePoint/Office365), then keep it that way. Link to your documents from SquidHub, so they are faster and easier to find for your team. The security is exactly the same - it's just easier for your team.  
  • If you communicate with external parties via email, then it is no different from the team messenger on SquidHub. As soon as you send emails out of your domain, you are no longer in control of where the information is stored. 
  • Concerns about planning? Well, it can only be better, faster and easier than handling it in emails or cumbersome MS Project plans which are only available to the project manager. 

It's amazing to use
Our users say that SquidHub is amazing to use. That it makes their collaboration easier and that it dramatically improves the team dynamic. That it's just really nice to use. 

Cost Efficient - Important for Top Management
You probably pay +$150 hour for your external consultants. Letting your consultants spend time on sub-optimal work processes is incredibly expensive. 

Assume each consultant could save 15 minutes every day due to SquidHub. That's 5 hours each month (or $750/month/consultant). Assume you are an enterprise and have 20 consultants employed full-time for a year - that's $180.000 per year. Then we haven't even included the effect of the projects being delivered earlier. 

We could think of better ways of spending such money... 

From an economic point of view, it simply doesn't make sense not to implement SquidHub in your organization. We've been on both sides of the table (the customer and the vendor side), and in both cases it would be a business case with an immediate return on investment (ROI). 

Concerned about costly and lengthy implementation projects?
You shouldn't be. SquidHub was build to ensure you didn't need a long and costly implementation project - which after implementation would require lots of time spent on organizational change management and internal support. We've taken care of it all, so it's literally plug and play for you.

We simply just wanna help...
We are so passionate about helping teams. We simply can't understand if you can afford not to consider SquidHub. An amazing tool to use for your employees, no confidentiality concerns, cost efficient and an immediate ROI. 

Having other concers?
If we haven't addressed your concerns or you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us at 

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