Why linking to documents outside SquidHub?
You can use SquidHub as a central hub where you can link to documents on other file sharing services - and organize the documents into folders. 

This makes it fast and easy to find your documents no matter where they are stored.

How to create links in SquidHub
Linking to documents on Office365, Dropbox or Google Drive is very simple.

  1. In the Files and Links board select Add file or link...
  2. Choose Create link from the menu
  3. Give the link a Title and paste the web address to the specific document

Office365: How to find the document link 

  1. Find your document and click on the more options (3 dots)
  2. Mark the web address and copy it (see image below). 
  3. Go back to SquidHub and paste the link. 

Dropbox: How to find the document link 

If you have the document open: 

  • Click on the Dropbox Badge and select Copy Dropbox Link
  • Then paste it into SquidHub. 

From the File Explorer:

  • Right click the document and select Copy Dropbox link. 
  • Then paste it into SquidHub.

Google Drive: How to find the document link 

  • Open the document and copy the web address. 
  • Then paste it into SquidHub.
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