Before you say goodbye, we would like to ask you why SquidHub didn't meet your needs.

  • Were you missing specific features?
  • Were you looking for something else?
  • Anything else?

We'd be really happy to know so we can improve the product for all users 😊 Please leave 1-2 lines of feedback (just click the blue icon in the bottom of the screen). Thank you 🙏

To delete your account please follow all 3 steps below:

  1. First login to SquidHub with your account from a computer (please notice, that it will not work from a mobile device or tablet)
  2. Then change the address in your browser from to 
  3. Type your email and password and submit

You’ll now get a confirmation that your account has been deleted. 

Thank you for trying out SquidHub - we hope to see you back someday 👋

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